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DeFi Infrastructure
with Privacy Protection
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POFID is the world's first privacy-protection public blodchain that supports Turing-complete smart
contracts. Short for 'Privacy-Oriented Financial Instrument Distribution Framework', POFID provides a
trusted, decentralized financialasset-management platform with privacy protection of data and assets.

and Management

POFID is a comprehensive DeFi infrastructure that provides a decentralized way of managing assets on the chain. With a focus on real-world businesses and their corresponding need for privacy and auditing, POFID provides a complete set of solutions for the risk control and governance of real and digital assets.

Reimagining DeFi

Compared to the massive world of TradFin, DeFi is tiny in scale and largely limited to liquidity provision within the crypto world.

If DeFi is ever to achieve its promise of becoming Finance 2.0 and disrupt the world of TradFin, it will need to provide creative solutions within the legal and regulatory framework of existing systems. POFID uses decentralized blockchain technology but with the privacy protection that real world businesses demand to provide a parallel to the existing global financial system.


Privacy Protection

Supporting Turing complete smart contracts, POFID is equipped with zero-knowledge proof-based privacy protection of account assets, transaction data and smart contract input/output information.


Designed for
Businesses in the
Real World

With POFID, when an institution wants to use cryptocurrency as a universal stable currency, it can formulate its own currency system and issue anonymous stable cryptocurrencies. POFID’s flexible mechanism provides guarantees for the operation of their entire currency system.

POFID DAO is the safeguard for the full, secure use of blockchain technology in the business world. Join us as we lead this new trend of global financial trade and currency reform!

POFID Benefits


POFID provides complete privacy protection for assets, transactions and smart contract data.


Fast, secure and flexible, POFID is adapted to both the privacy and auditing needs of businesses.


POFID provides support for native cryptocurrencies, digitized fiat currencies and non-homogeneous digital assets.


With its DAO governance model, all major decisions are made for and by the community.


Implementation Sheet

Diversified SERC20 Assets.Support based on SERO,'s DMW Support based on SRC20 Multi DMW.
Aug. 2020
Privacy Protected DWM Protection.Support SRC/S Package/S Ticket. Accounts'Pledging Assets Privacy.
Aug. 2020
S Package/S Ticket Assets.Support DMW with Single
Landing in HBTC Boboo and BKEX centralized exchanges.
Cross-Chain Assets.Support BTC-based Assets Support ERC20/ERC721 etc.-Based Assets.Support Assets Based on Other Chains.
Loan.Support Assets Based on Other Chains.
Escrow. Provide On-chain Asset Security and Privacy Oriented Custody Services.
Smart Investment Management.Provide On-chain Smart Investment Management.
Feb. 2021
Other Wealth Management Products.Open Access to Third-party Financial Products Trading Channels.

White Papers

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Novac can do the following:

You can manage POFID-based issuance and related derivative assets, including transfers, withdrawals, and viewing transaction records.

You can lock POFID platform digital assets of autonomous access type from POFID-DAO community and issue/loan additional anonymous stable currencies that are pegged to different legal currency values.

You can return the borrowed stable digital currency and unlock the previously locked digital currency.

You can use the POFID platform governance and equity token PFID, and participate in staking to obtain PFID mining income.

You can participate in platform governance decisions through PFID's staking behavior.

You can also get the dividend income of the entire POFID through the staking behavior of PFID, for example, the fee income generated when a loan is issued.

The use of POFID's native products-Novac


Team & Advisors

With its DAO governance model, POFID is a community-based project where all major decisions are made for and by the community. For everything else, we have a dedicated team of specialists and advisors in place, facilitating the smooth-running and mass adoption of POFID’s platform and community operations.


BD Director


Community Initiator

Issuance Mechanism

PFID will produce a total of 10 million pieces, set for the entire output cycle of 20 years, some of
which are solidified to the proportion of the governor's quota, and are also gradually produced in 20 years.

Name Quantity Proportion Output Time
Underlying Technology Governance 600,000 6% 20 years
DMW 300,000 3% 20 years
Risk Control Governance 1,500,000 15% 20 years
SLC (Clearing GovernanceCommittee) 1,000,000 10% 20 years
Early-stage Investment Firm 1,500,000 15% 1~2 years
Holder Staking 5,100,000 51% 20 years

Main support chains

POFID will support the following major and many more common chain cross-chain deployments and applications through autonomous cross-chain technologies.

Community Wechat Group

Knowledge Planet